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Some podcasts and shows not showing new episodes.

Some podcasts and shows not showing new episodes.





  1. Australia


Redmi k30 ultra

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(Android 10, MIUI 12)


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I've come across this wierd bug with my phone that has only appeared recently. I've noticed new episodes from some of the shows i follow don't show up anymore (ever since March 31). For some reason it seems to only be affecting shows that post new episodes daily (such as: bbc"global news podcast" or vox "today explained") , my other podcast and show however seem unaffected and i still receive their newest episodes. I've checked to see if this problem persists on my computer, it doesn't. I hope you understand my explanation of the problem (the screenshots may be of help). I hope you are able to help fix this, as it is very annoying as can no longer listen to my favorite shows and news outlets.

Cheers, kieran
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Try changing the sort function on the podcast to go "oldest to newest" and then switch it back to "newest to oldest". This worked for me and showed the April episodes, whereas before the most recent I could get was February

Thanks for the suggestion. I had already tried that it didn't change anything. I ended up deleting and reinstalling spotify and that has fixed the problem so far... Abit annoying tho as I've had to redownload all my music.
Cheers kieran

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