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Song Versions changing

Song Versions changing

I've had a problem a few times now where the song on my phones playlist will change from the version I added into a different version.


The changes I remember are swapping True by Spandau Ballet with a version that had an acoustic guitar and swapping Rock You Like a Hurricane by the Scorpions with a live studio version.


While it is a small problem it can be quite annoying to have versions of the songs I don't like added, especially if I then have to find it in my playlist and remove it so I can just have the original back,

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I have the same issue.

I'm a DJ for some home parties and use spotify regularly for the performances.

I have had some embrassing moments just by this stupid issue.

Can we be at least notified of a change in the version?





Content changes are made by the publishers or artists, not by Spotify. Anyway, spotify is for your personal use only and you're in breach of their T&C.


Even, why are there suddenly so much changes in versions?

I've never had them before..

I know as if we have a new generation of elevator music

I've recently noticed this annoying behavior on Bread's "It Don't Matter To Me." A re-recorded version of the track has replaced the original version appearing on the group's Bread (1969), Best of Bread (1973), and Anthology of Bread (1985). The re-recorded version of the song did not exist when those three albums were released (my vinyl and CD versions contain the original version), so it should not have replaced the original version on those albums. This is the original version:

I don't have a problem with making the re-recorded version of the song available, but I would prefer that the original version appear as it did when the albums were released.

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