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Startup problems- Android

Startup problems- Android

Hi, I am having problems gettin Spotify opened in my Android, the screen turns black for a few seconds and the app suddenly shuts down, I can`t even reach the log in section. I have recently restored the system, and formated the SD card. 

-Moto G Plus

-Android 6.0.1


I have also sent an emal to the Spotify support inbox, I am a premium user and I would really like to have this solved as I use this app all day long.

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Hello, i'm having the same problem! My phone is a moto g3; we need a solution please...

Hi same problem. Restored Moto 3g. App crashes while opening. Tried uninstalling, reinstalling, restarting.


Any ideas?







Just found my solution elsewhere in here.

I ejected SD card via Settings -  storage - eject (top right menu)


Opened app fine. 

Reloaded SD card


Now working fine.

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