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Songs Mute on my Tablet

Songs Mute on my Tablet

Hey guys basically what is happeneing, if I go to any song, and press replay, it will only replay with sound 3-5 times then mute, the progress bar keeps going, but it keeps playing on mute, until i either rewind the song, or until i shut off my tablet, then I go through it again, only 2-5 replays and the song mutes.


I try going to playlists to make sure it isnt just a specific song, and the randomizer will only play 2-5 songs then they will keep progressing without sound, through various songs no sound, until I press rewing again. It's really annoying, the tablet it the only thing I have issues with.


Is there something im doing wrng? I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, but that didnt work, the songs still mute, but again, keep playing until i rewind them, or move on to the next, or previous song, it's annoyign when im on a bus, and I need to keep grabbing my tablet to rewind a song to hear it.


thanks for the help

3 Replies

Same problem on Android phone since last update. Unacceptable for the app to perform this way. Have had Spotify for over year on same phone no problems until last update. App shows that a song is playing but no sound, hit rewind and song plays right then the next song comes on and I have same problem. Unacceptable

I'm not calling this a permanent solution by any streach of the imagineation, but I noticed when my tablet falls asleep it's bad. I find if I set mytablet to not sleep for half an hour, the songs will play for a duration of half an hour, then I just press thescreen again and Im good for another half an hour.


Hope this helps until I find a more permanent solution. 

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