Songs Skipping with Chromecast Audio

Songs Skipping with Chromecast Audio

Just upgraded to premium so I could use a new Chromecast Audio. I have noticed that when set to cast, when I try to skip a song, the audio stops. After that if I press play, it just skips to the next song until eventually I get some song playing...


I think it's the same thing this person reported:

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did you already fixed it??

Support had me create a new account and it works fine now.

Hi, how did you ask this? I want to have this problem solved as soon as possible!:(

how do i mail spotify about this, hope they do the same thing as they did with you...

Hi, I am having exactly the same issue, songs are being skipped when streaming to a Chromecast Audio. Happening on all of my devices.

How can I get a new account (I am premium) to avoid this issue?



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