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Songs and Artist lists missing?!

Songs and Artist lists missing?!

Hi all 


Hope someone can help! 


Since a recent update the 'songs' section has disappeared?? Which is really anmoying as thats where i shuffle nd listen to songs daily. Ive still got artists and albums? 


Also speaking of artists. Previously when i clicked on an artist it would take me to a section where it would have only the songs and albums that i liked of that artist. Now it  takes me to their main page which isnt helpful as alot of the time im offline! 


If anyone can shed some light that would be great


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Hey there @wutangcann 


All those are a part of the new update which you can read more about here. Hope it helps!

Ist there any way to make this update undone? I think its**bleep**.

What brainiac thought it was a good idea to get rid of the Songs list? That must have been one of the worst decisions made. The manager of the designer probably thought he/she knew what's best for everyone because of their power ego trip, but you know what? That person doesn't know jack about a good User Experience. I hope their boss sees this message so they'll know that person isn't an almighty decision maker.

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