Songs are unplayable on my Google Pixel phone

Songs are unplayable on my Google Pixel phone

I've looked around the community and it appears there have been a few issues with songs becoming unplayable but never a definitive fix for this. Do Spotify employees ever read these forums and make any comments?

For the past two weeks now any song that I play I get the message, 'this song is unavailable'. However when I get into a wifi area at home, work etc the song plays. I can then for a few hours play any song over mobile data. But then the problem returns and I am unable to play any song either on my playlist or that I search for.

I never had this problem on my Samsung Note and has only started happening since I switched phones. I think that the bluetooth connectivity that I create when I'm in my car may have something to do with it, but this is just me clutching at straws wondering what could be affecting Spotify. Any help appreciate before I decide to cancel my subscription and go elsewhere.



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Having the same issue.  A solution, please!

I've read a few threads and the solutions I've read are all more difficult than what I just did...which worked.  I simply uninstalled the Spotify App, and then reinstalled it. Took about a minute total. Back in business.  


Whether this is a permanent fix, I don't know...we'll see.

I am also having this problem since I got my Pixel a couple weeks ago. Before this I had a Samsung Galaxy and never had an issue. Very frustrating to be paying for Premium and not be able to play most songs. Some songs will play but most wont.

It's been working fine for a few weeks but now the issue has come back with a vengeance! I tried uninstalling the app but this hasnt work.


This is really frustrating and I don't trust this app anymore to the extent that I'm going to try other streaming services instead.


I'm having the exact same problem. Is there any solution??? I can't listen to any of my favorite songs and its driving me nuts.

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