Songs disappear when losing WiFi

Songs disappear when losing WiFi

I recently added a few songs (5 songs) to my Library. I have my app set to download songs offline.

When I lose WiFi (e.g. I leave the house), those 5 wogs disappear from My Library.


To replicate/simulate...

1. Add a few songs to your Library

2. Turn Off WiFi (I assume Mobile Data is also Off)

3. Close and reopen Spotify App


Android 7.0.

Premium account.

300+ songa only.

Saves files to SD.


Note if I am required to save files to Phone instead (i.e. that is the solution), I'll have to stop using Spotify and terminate my subscription as that simply will not work for me.


I have tried:

Clear cache (both via Android and via Spotify)

Reinstall Spotify

Restore Phone (to Factory state)

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Got some help from SpotifyCares FB. I found the solution myself, though. 😉 Moving all songs to Device (from SD) then back to SD resolved the issue. Will try this out a few days then post back if it recurs.

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