Songs do not download anymore


Songs do not download anymore

Okay so about a month ago I decided I wanted to see if I can download songs and have them available exclusively on my Spotify account. If I download songs onto my computer they show up on the local storage tab on the Spotify app. I figured out that if I add songs that I have on my local storage into new playlists, the playlists would show up on my phone. All I would have to do then is download the playlist content on my phone and I would be able to listen to songs that would otherwise not be on Spotify. This worked out great for a while until for some reason my phone asked me to download all of my songs again, and the newly acquired songs would not download. It says preparing for download but it does not work. Does anyone know what could be the reason behind this? I've tried resetting my phone and deleting all data pertaining to Spotify but it still does not download.
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Re: Songs do not download anymore


Hey @SereneStorm


Thanks for reaching out to the Spotify Community. We'd like to help. 


In this case, follow these steps: 


  1. Log in to your account page and click Offline devices in the menu on the left. 
  3. Reinstall Spotify. Here's how
  4. Once you've reinstall the app, save your tracks again. 

Let us know if that makes any difference or, if you have any questions.