Songs hidden in playlists


Songs hidden in playlists

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Samsung J5

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Android 9

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I noticed that Spotify often changes the policy to be adopted in the songs that are discarded during the playback of your playlist, I speak of songs that the user has added personally, however, that the moment they are played he discard them, in the moment I write this post the song are hidden instead of removed and the song remains in the playlist and the user must manually remove it from the list and be careful also to dismiss it first as a hidden song otherwise if he wants to add it to any playlist another time it seems to me that appears still hidden, the fact that Spotify often changes this thing makes me guess that even they don't know how to behave with this thing, I would suggest that when a user discards a song during playback that himself has put in the playlist in the first time to make the software remove it completely from the playlist avoiding to do double work for the user by going to remove it manually, this for those who have the paid version maybe it is an almost irrelevant problem being able to hear the songs they want as many times as they want but for those who have the free it is a problem because then Spotify if there are few songs in a playlist it start adding his own songs that may not be liked by the user and considering that it also has limited skips it creates a combination that can be fatal in making the experience horrible, please do not consider users who use the free version as low value users because they still cause Spotify revenue thanks to advertising, those who deserve to be prosecuted are those who use the cracked version that it has the advantages of a premium user without paying and without having to deal with advertising or limitations.