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Songs keep playing without sound

Songs keep playing without sound

Please help! I got spotify premium and a sony ericsson xperia. 


About a week ago something happened with my spotify on my mobile because there isn't any sound anymore when I'm playing songs. The song (doesn't mather witch song i choose) playes, the time on the song goes on and i can pause and play but there isn't any sound. Everything goes and and looks just like normal and all the settings are normal.

It doesnt mather if it's with or without headphones, if I'm on offline mode or online or if I'm playing a downloaded song or not.


The sound works great in any other app and the phone so it's just spotify. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall spotify but it doesnt work, there is still no sound. 



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Please have a look at the troubleshooting tips and let us know if you manage to get it to work again.

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I'm having this exact same problem. Not had any sound for about a week now.


Have tried multiple reinstalls, phone reboots, settings changes etc etc. Nothing works. All other apps playing just fine.


Would welcome a solution.




Should point out i'm using a HTC One X on Andord ICS, standard network installation.




Exactly same problem here.


Help please! Have also tried several re-installs but with no improvement.

Hey Conor, here's the advice I was given, and it worked for me:


"Please reset you phones operating system.  This is done by holding down the power button and the volume button, on the down side, for five seconds, you would achieve the same effect as by removing the battery - and then carry out a clean reinstallation;"


As soon as I did the clean install after the reset (power button and volume button version) it worked right away. If you, like I was originally, have just turned the phone on and off again try the above method, you may have more success.


Good luck!

Thank you so much for that advice. It now works perfectly again! 

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