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Songs keep restarting or skipping on their own

Songs keep restarting or skipping on their own

I'm seeing a few threads with similar problems... After being a Spotify customer for over a year now just the past week songs have been restarting on their own 30-40 seconds in. Also songs are skipping to next or back on the play list randomly without going near the phone.

I have tried clearing cache, doing a refresh install, rebooting etc

Music is saved to phone memory not ad card.

I haven't installed any new apps recently

Phone is galaxy s8 and latest version of Spotify..


Anyone able to help? Thank you

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I'm having the exact same problem. Reinstalling the app doesn't solve the problem. Also I get promoted if I want to continue listening in the Web player (Firefox) or switch to listening on my phone when I open the app, even though i never opened Spotify in Firefox

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