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Songs list empty after re-install

Songs list empty after re-install


I searched for this problem in the forum before and it seems a lot of people solved it by reinstalling the app...


No luck for me. I've still got nothing in my songs list almost except one song for some reason. Albums and Artists lists are just as empty with the same lonely DVBBS song. I don't know why that one song made it but the whole rest of my playlists aren't there. 


Am I missing something? A step to get my music to populate in the other lists? 




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Make sure you're logged in to the right account

It’s possible to create multiple Spotify accounts, each with their own subscription, playlists, saved music, etc.

Thanks Joe, I don't think that's it though. I thought it might be since I checked out Spotify premium by logging into a friend's account over the summer before signing up myself. However when I reinstalled I had to login again but I figured hey, so I logged out and back in again just now and nothing changed. 


I feel like I must be messing something up somehow. At first I had some permissions turned off (I didn't know why Spotify needed access to my phone for example) but I made sure everything it asked for was there this time and still no change. 


Thanks for your help ☺




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