Songs not playing???


Songs not playing???


Ok, I've been extremely excite do listen to Frank Ocean's new album, Blond, so when it went on spotify I raced to play it as fast as I could. However, when I opened the album and tried to play any song from it, the song immediately skipped before one second in. This happened for the entire album. I checked other albums, artists, songs etc., and everything else was fine; it was just this album. 


I tried opening and closing the app, restarting the app, logging in and out, updating the app, turning off my device, restarting my device, even deleting and re-installing the app and nothing worked. After every different attempt and possible fix, I checked the album and it still immediately skipped; everything else works fine. This only happens with Blond by Frank Ocean.


I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, version 5.1.1, on a free spotify account, version


If anybody could help it would be greatly appreciated.