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Songs only greyed out in one playlist

Songs only greyed out in one playlist






Google Pixel 2 XL

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Android 9 Pie

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I noticed a few days ago that several songs on one of my playlists have been greyed out and won't play.


It's a large playlist, actually the one I listen to most, and the 63 unavailable songs are near the beginning so they've been there a while.


There's no consistency between artist or date added, just random songs greyed out, sometimes a couple and then later down the list whole blocks gone. 


The most interesting part is that the songs are still playable in other playlists with no problem, and I can search for them individually so I know they haven't been pulled from Spotify. 


I've tried redownloading the playlist and restarting the device but no change. I'm guessing I can simply remove and re-add the tracks, but come on there's 63 of them, plus that'll just change the whole order of it all and I don't like change. Any other solutions? Thanks in advance.

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