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Songs won't download to SD card

Songs won't download to SD card

 I bought an SD recently so that I could download my songs on to it but Spotify seems to not like that. I've reinstalled over and over, moved the data file from internal storage to the SD, formatted the SD as internal and portable, but nothing has worked. Is there any way to use an SD card to store Spotify downloads cause my internal storage simplyisn't big enough.

Phone: Droid turbo 2OS: Android 7.0

SD: SanDisk Ultra SDXC

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Hi @garbldeygoop


Unfortunately, you cannot save your downloaded songs on your SD Card. So you cannot transfer it or share it. It will only be playable through Spotify App. But if you just want to change the storage of the data being download to your SD Card, you can simply tap "Your library" then on top right there's a "gear-like" icon (Settings) tap it. Then scroll down to the bottom and look for "Storage" then change it to "SD Card".


Lemme know if my insight helps you.


There is a title in the settings labeled storage but it's not clickable and below that it only shows how much my internal storage holds and a button which clears the cache

Is there a "check mark" beside on SD Card? Because if there is, all the data that you download will be stored to that SD Card.


If it still not working, try to check this out. Maybe it will help you somehow.


Keep me posted.




Have a nice day!

I'm experiencing the same issue. The storage option in the settings menu is unclickable now. I'm guessing a recent update removed it for some users. Really annoying.

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