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Sorting by artist not working / saving

Sorting by artist not working / saving








Redmi Note 5 Pro


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Android Pie (9)


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Hello spotify forum,


I'm a long time spotify subscriber. But recently (2-3 months ago) the app on mobile is really annoyed. As the title said, sorting by artist not working/saving. 


I usually sort my playlist by artist, so the order is sort by the artist name (alphabetically a-z) and then sort by the album name (also alphabetically a-z). For example this is my playlist on desktop. Image: As you can see, if sorted by artist, it's going to sort by artist name and then sort by album name (all a to z).

In mobile app, sort by artist it's not working. But if i sort the playlist by other order (recently added, album, etc.), it does save. For example, this is sort by artist, but the order somehow not like the desktop version. Image: As you can see, the order is messed up. I can still sort it by artist by doing sort by other order and sort by artist. But then, if i pressed back (to other menu/playlist), it back like the screenshot, not sorted by artist anymore.


I already clear data, give access to storage, reinstall the app, and antoher troubleshoot it doesn't work. I make sure i didnt have shuffle play on, or anthing that make the order messed up. I don't know what to do anymore. Please help.

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