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Sound distorted randomly on any song

Sound distorted randomly on any song

Hello friends,


I have a Xiaomi MI4 and Premium Spotify. After i decided to use my sennheiser cx300s sound is getting choked and distorted very randomly. It's like when your pc is having hard time on rams, sound is getting distorted if you know what i mean.


Anyway i didnt have this problem on my urban ears or yamaha in ear headphones. And it is only happening on spotify. Google or MI music player sounds still really solid without any problem.


I tried changing EQ, sound quality options etc. didnt work. It is getting more frequent after my phone screen is off and playing on stand by mode. This is very weird and boring.


Thank you for reading. Have a nice day.

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Sounds like a Digital to Analog problem which, unfortunately, would be an internal problem on your phone. It sounds like you're describing the sound I get on my computer when my CPU is getting strained when I'm working on music production. Try shutting down as many other apps as possible while running Spotify and see if there's an improvement. 

I guess spotify have a problem with MI UI. I closed all sound enhancements like EQ, continous play and cranked it up quality to best on spotify. No more choking and distorted sound.


But listening on CX300 without any EQ is like kind of torture for me. Anyways thanks for your answer cheers!



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