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Sound level inconsistent

Sound level inconsistent



Does anyone has got a problem with the inconsistency of the soundlevel delivered by Spotify.


I have noticed that some songs are played out loud and others are played so soft you almost can't hear it.


It doesn't matter if I play spotify over the PC, ipad, android tablet or android phone, the outcome of the sound levels fluctuate very much, is there nothing to do about that?



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On your PC, try going to Edit>Preferences and enabling set the same volume level for all tracks.

I'm not sure about iOS as it works fine for me, but on Android, make sure you don't have any equalisers running, and it might be worth toggline HQ mode to see if that makes a difference.


Anthony 🙂

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Thanks Anthony for your help.


Can you check the other issue I have regarding a sleep timer ;o)  thanks regarding that as well.




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