Sound stops after 1 song on playlists/radio

Sound stops after 1 song on playlists/radio

I've used Spotify on this same android phone for over a year now, and its been fine up until this point.

I reset my phone to factory this week and now Spotify is malfunctioning. I have done this once before in the past and had no problems with Spotify. This problem did NOT start immediately after I did this, but a day later, so I don't even know if its related.

Regardless of how I am playing songs-on a saved playlist, from my My Music selections, from radio --Spotify will play the first song fine, and then the sound stops for the next song, although the play bar continues to move and mark time, as though the song is playing normally. When it gets to the end of this silent song, it will then not advance to the next song. If I hit the forward icon at any point it will skip to the next song, play that one normally, and then play the one after that silently, and then stop.

I tried logging out and back in. I tried deleting Spotify completely, running a cleaning utility, and then downloading the app again. I tried switching offline on and off with a number of variations. I tried changing the cross fade settings as suggested elsewhere in the forum. None of these things have made any difference. There was no change or variation in the problem.

I have android 4.1.2 -Je
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The exact thing happened to me.  I've also done a clean instal at least six times.  It's not working.  I can't play from playlists or discover weekly or anything without it stopping.  But the time counter continues....

Just an update: I don't usually use spotify on a desktop, but just out of curiosity, I downloaded and installed it on my windows PC and I don't have this problem. So it is platform specific and not account specific.

But speaking of accounts, I'm not going to pay for Spotify if this continues. I only use it on my phone, and right now its useless to me. Anyone know of a good replacement app? Some of my friends use Pandora but I don't like the lack of control you have on your songs there. Its all radio.

But at least the sound works on Pandora, I guess. 😕

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