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Sound suddenly stops playing on certain tracks on my Samsung

Sound suddenly stops playing on certain tracks on my Samsung

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* my Spotify Premium plays fine on all my PCs and laptops

* however when listening on my Samsung Galaxy S4, a couple of tracks will play fine (sometimes only one) and then it will go silent. The player (Play arrow) indicates that the track is playing, and the timer advance of the track shows that it thinks it is playing as the time is shown moving forward, however no sound is coming out. If i do any of the following, the track will play fine and the sound will be heard: if i press pause and then press play again, or if I FF to the end of the track and then press RWND, or if i click to a point in the middle of the track, or if i press the pause button and then << back RWND to start of song. So I end up having to continually do any of these following actions to get the next tracks to play. Sometimes a couple of tracks will play in sequence without me having to do this, but then the problem resumes again. This is maddening and infuriating when i am in the gym or mobile with the Samsung in my pockect and can't easily get to the screen to do any of these actions, but frankly having to do any of these actions at all is highly annoying and disrupts the playing experience and enjoyment, especially when everything plays fine and perfectly on my PCs and laptops without having to do any of these irritating actions. PLEASE HELP!!!


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Hi There,

If you have a look in the forum you'll see this has been identified as a bug. We're hoping for a fix to come out soon, in the mean time some users have reported success setting the crossfade to >1 second.

Please use the search feature before posting a problem/bug/idea.
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Thanks. I wish I knew how to "set crossfade to >1 sec"!!

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