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Soundrop for Android

Soundrop for Android

Hi Folks,  I'm in Australia and love Soundrop via Spotify. Trouble is I want it on my Asus Converter and I can get it! I've seen poting suggesting that Soundrop is on the Android MArket as a standalone app, may not for Australia. Does anyone have a suggestion? The best I have come up with is to export the playlist from a room and go with that. Not as good as been part of a world wide live community though 😞 Love to have any advice on the topic.

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You can now enjoy Soundrop on the move! Download the iOS App, available on the App Store.


So, internet says: Apple-only for now Smiley Frustrated



Sorry - maybe I wasn't clear, I'm wanting to run it on an Asus Transformer with Android. Thanks for your help.

Soundrop is only on iOS, not Android. There is no Soundrop app that will run natively on the Asus Transformer yet.


But one alternative option is to use Splashtop Remote Desktop to remote-display Soundrop running in Spotify on your desktop PC. See: 


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