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Specific podcast won't play

Specific podcast won't play






Samsung Galaxy 9


One specific Podcast, Be Scared, has issues either or loading or flat out playing. I've uninstalled and re-installed the Spotify software on my phone and still no dice. In the past I've experienced delays in other podcasts starting but usually after a minute or two it will start running. I've read in other posts of Spotify users turning wifi off and that fixing the problem and from time to time that does work... but not all the time. This past weekend the issues has been absolutely un-resolvable for me and it's highly frustrating. I pay for premium for a reason and if I can't get a resolution on this i will be cancelling. Thank you


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Hey @rainydaydrive,


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community.


You mentioned you already tried reinstalling Spotify to tackle this. But have you also tried a 'clean' reinstall? If you haven't yet, it'd be great to take a look at this Spotify answer to find out how this works so you can start from scratch with a brand-new as well as the latest version of the app.


After performing the procedure, it'd also be good to restart your Galaxy. These steps will help you make sure that your device is synced with all the content on the Spotify servers.  


Hope you'll find this useful. Keep us posted!

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