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Speed up android

Speed up android

I don't understand, why it takes minues to open a playlist. And often it's failing.

Koomoot, Google Maps, OsmAnd, TomTom... are able to handle data of hundreds of gigabytes. But it seems Spotify is not able to open a synchronized playlist of twenty songs.


I downloaded all my data. The pure playlist JSON file required 8 MB! Assuming the database is bigger and the 130 MB required on my Android by Spotify are all the meta data, it's still amazing, that Spotify is so lagging, slow and sometimes unusable.








Samsung S3 Mini, Sony Experia Z3 Mini, Sony Experia Z5 Mini (all the same on all these devices and use them all currently)

Operating System

Android 7.1.1, Android 5.0.2, Android 4.1.2


My Question or Issue

 It takes sometimes hours (I tested it!) until a playlist is opened or a tab. usually several seconds, but often minutes.

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Reinstalled I have the apps already several time. It also does not matter, as a fresh installation has the same issue. I had also the issue already on older devices, too (as they were new on the market), so this issue persists for years now.

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