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Spotify APP doesn't offer the SD card download folder option anymore

Spotify APP doesn't offer the SD card download folder option anymore

I was used to storage my songs in a SD card which i bought with the purpose of storage all my songs (over 2k), but today i opened the app and all my downloaded songs were deleted, so i checked the sd card (it is working), and went to the settings to see what happened, but in the "storage" area, it shows a bar with de used/usable space in the DEVICE, not in the SD card, and i can't find anywhere else how to change the storage location


Did anyone had the same issue?






Samsung Galaxy J5 (SM-j500M)

Operating System

Android 6.0.1


WhatsApp Image 2018-07-26 at 16.19.18.png
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Depending on how your Phone Carrier has setup your flavor of Android, you may have to do a little digging.  Android has settings for which applications are allowed to use SD card space.  This is generally in your Setting -> Applications -> APP NAME page.  The Spotify App info there should tell you what services your phone has made available to it, but not necessarily if it is allowed to use it.  Once you've determined if it is allowed to write to your SD card you should be able to see those settings in Settings -> Storage. 

That's a decent start, but since the carriers change how you access that information it may take a little searching to get to it.

So, it seems that my songs still saved in my SD card, and i set all the permissions to "yes" when i took this print, but the problem still the same, but now i need spotify to "read" the SD. Any other idea? I'm kinda worried about it because in brazil mobile data is expensive af, so it's impossible to keep using it this way


On the bottom of the Spotify Settings menu at the very bottom past the "Other" headline, there is a Storage option that allows you to select where to save files. Does that not show the SD card either?

Note: There are two storage lines on that menu, the first with the usage bar and then at the bottom there is a second "Storage" that takes you to another select menu.

I'm also not seeing that "second" storage setting at the bottom. After "other", there only exists the "log out" option. Otherwise, I seem to have the same issue. I'm tempted to uninstall and try it fresh, and see if I can get files to download to the SD card, but the fact that the option doesn't seem to exist has me worried.

Same thing here

@lddk23, can you verify through your phone settings that the SD card is properly recognized?  Also, can you post which version of Spotify you are using?


Any idea?

One idea that was suggested as a successful answer to SD card issues that may be a workaround would be the following:

  • Go to System Settings.
  • Go to "Apps".
  • Select the Spotify app.
  • On Spotify's page, first, tap "Force Close".
  • Then tap "Clear cache" if it's not greyed out.
  • Then tap "Uninstall" and remove the app.
  • After uninstalling, power off your device.
  • If you can, remove the battery now. Power back on.
  • Using a file manager on your phone go to Internal Storage > Android > Data and delete a folder called
  • Reinstall Spotify from Google Play.

    The data should still be on the SD card based on the fact Spotify isn't currently recognizing your card.  It's not a solid guarantee though.  You may have to re-download via wifi if there is a problem with how it clears the data.

I'll try this later, but i was wondering if there is no way to send the entire app to the SD card instead of having it on the phone but saving the songs in the SD.


I tried to see if it's possible by "normal" ways (settings>apps>spotify>send it to SD card), but that option is not displayed as it is to other apps. Do you know if there is any problem on moving it manually?

Ok, i tried everything that i could came up with, but my options went to space. I'm trying to download an old version of spotify and locked my auto-update at the playstore.


It's kinda sad that i had to do that, because of a "beautiful and smart" update, considering the fact that i pay for the premium contents, and also bought a SD card only with the prupose of helding songs.



Ok, i give up. I tried 3 different old versions and the storage option don't appear on neighter of these versions. I'm beggining to believe that everything was an illusion **bleep**


Tell me people, am i going insane?

I have the same problem. Bought a SD card but the current version of Spotify (Android) doesn't allow to choose the SD card for storage.  


Hello, my Spotify version is: and the SD card is recognized by the system. Do you know if there is another option to try?


It seems that i am not the only one


Come on, i believe in the spotify develop team, you can update the app to fix that

I tried even older vesions, man. The option has gone away

Bump. I think that creating another topic is an unecessary **bleep** of the same issue, but if i don't get a return, i'll try creating another one (but before i'll delete this one)


My SD card is definitely fine...but now I think I figured out why it doesn't work: it's formatted as internal storage, not portable. This link (apparently I can't post a hyperlink, wth, so search "Android Update 6.x Marshmallow & Adoptable Storage") helped me understand. I swore on previous versions of the app, on this same phone and SD card, that I had the music saved to SD, but I guess I don't pay as close attention given so many other priorities. Anyway, Spotify version is: armV7 if that helps anyone else. I might look at backing up all my system and app files and reformatting, since part of the whole reason I have the big SD card was for saving pictures and Spotify music, but Google photos doesn't really do this well with the internal storage either (but at least backs up to the cloud so space isn't as much of an issue). The whole point of offline music is to keep it local, and I can't keep much music offline if most of my apps don't know how to store stuff on the SD card when formatted as local (or "adoptable"). I guess I need to learn more about it before deciding for sure. Or get a fancy new phone with a ton of internal storage... 

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