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Spotify / Android / Cardo PackTalk helmet blutooth

Spotify / Android / Cardo PackTalk helmet blutooth

Morning all


I have just started using Spotify with my Cardo Packtalk bluetooth helmet communicator for whern im on myu motorcycle.


The volume for music and hearing other riders is set right but when I am listening to music and try to use voice commands (which is a guessing game as to what works or not) sometime I hear the beep then I say "skip song" or something that may be a command but the voice says something back but it's some quiet, like a mouse whispering from a different room kind of quiet.


How can I make that spoken voice louder without effecting the music or other rider volume?

2 Replies

Would really like to see this one solved.  I just purchased PckTalk Bold and have the exact same issue.

Use the Cardo app and play around with the volumes for intercom and voice commands.  Or checkout the tutorial on the Cardo website, they mention how you can control the volume for various functions.  Turn the wheel to control the volume when the voice talks back to you and it will register the volume level for that function without affecting the other levels.

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