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Spotify Android Playlist URIs are broken

Spotify Android Playlist URIs are broken







Samsung J5 / Dell Inspiron I5

Operating System

Android 8.1.0 / Samsung Experience 9.5


My Question or Issue

Using my Android phone I have been trying to access Playlists using Playlist URIs. This includes my playlists and spotify's own playlists. The playlists are all public.


What happens is, you select the URI and the Spotify app opens and shows a black screen, similar to the setup when it is loading, however no page information loads. Playlist URIs are bugged in this way, but user URIs are fine. It's specifically the URIs not the URLs that lead to a black screen. Using a playlist URL, (yes, deleting the bit after and including the ?) works as normal, loading the URL in the chrome app and the android web player, and not in the app. As such, it's not the playlist visibility that is the problem, just specifically the URI information (yes, I have checked if the URL and URI match, they do).


If you try using a Spotify URI using Tasker or NFC, it yields the same problem, just a black empty screen that never loads, which is the same error that occurs when you submit an invalid Spotify URI, for example: "spotify:uuuu", the same black screen comes up.  (I've tried entering the URI into a web browser on my phone, Chrome and Samsung, and I can't check if that works, as it automatically googles it).

So, it seems like playlist URIs on Android (they work perfectly fine on the latest version of Chrome) are being lost right now, and are treated in the same way as typical URI code errors.


example: (star included to show link)





Likely this will be fixed by the time that I finished asking this now haha


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