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Spotify Android; This item cannot be installed in your device's country [guernsey]

Spotify Android; This item cannot be installed in your device's country [guernsey]


Since this morning my Spotify App is unavailable. It says that I have to upgrade it:

"This version of Spotify is no longer supported. Please go to googlle Play and install the new version"


So I go to  google Play and try to upgrade it but it says "This item is not abailable in your country". 

I live in Guernsey (Crown dependency, present in the list of available countries) and the carrier stated in Google Play is Jersey Telenet. My mobile is a Sony Z1 Compact D5503. 


Does anyone have an idea how I could solve this problem ? 





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Hi, all,
I was usual to play spotify with my HUAWEI U8650-1 with android 2.3.6
Two days ago i had to upgrade the app to spotify music but it was impossible.
Google play store said that my device is incompatible with the new version. i tried to force the upgrade but app doesn't work.
Any suggestion other then "change the device" ?
Many thanks in advance.

@samuelBer - Can you download it manually from the mobile website?


@Thevirex - I suspect you have been caught by Spotify's end of support for armv5 and armv6 processor devices, which was confirmed (and discussed at length) over on this topic:

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Bad news, anyway thank you very much for your answer.



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