Spotify Android issues a real dropped ball


Spotify Android issues a real dropped ball


I've been a Napster subscriber (£15 a month) for 8 years. I took out a premium subscription for Spotify a couple of days ago out of frustration with the relaunched apps from Rhapsody for Napster: the desktop software and the phone app aren't a patch on the legacy Napster versions and the tablet app for ICS, while gorgeous-looking, has issues with streaming.


So, I'm a prime catch for Spotify.


However, poor as the new Napster phone app is, it's still less buggy than the Spotify one, and the lovely Napster ICS tablet app does actually work as long as you save albums offline first. I struggled with the constantly offline issue for a while with the Spotify app on my tablet, listened patiently while the support rep assured me that 'all I had to do was reset my password', read all these posts and the diatribes on the Play Store user reviews, and have now cancelled my Premium subscription.


Sorry Spotify, you've dropped the ball.



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Casual Listener

The fact that they're completely ignoring these problems is shameful. They've earned more than enough money to pay for some decent programming. And support is completely and utterly useless, I've talked with support a lot of times and all it got me was free weeks.

What good are free weeks to me if the service is broken?


Agree. Think I'm going to have to give rdio or mog a go. I mean for christ sakes the app is the only way to listen for this service. If your app wont even start and or crashes all the time what am I paying for?


Question: how hard can it be to write an android app that doesnt crash on startup every time, or crash randomly during operation. What did you outsource your app to a grade 8 computer science class?


Yeah, it is quite annoying. Perhaps it would be good to add your voice to this topic. Give it kudos and write down your problem, perhaps this will make the Spotify Android crew pay attention...