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Spotify App (Android) Randomly Deletes All Downloaded Music

Spotify App (Android) Randomly Deletes All Downloaded Music

I know there have been multiple threads about this, but the issue still hasn't been solved. About once a week, sometimes more, Spotify decides to randomly delete all my downloaded files.

I have checked every support thread, tried every solution, every time it happened I'd try something new, formatting my SD card, formatting my phone, using internal storage for music, using external storage for music, using an SD card as internal storage for music, the list goes on. At one point I suspected it had to do with connecting to an audio device via Bluetooth, so I started only using an aux cable to connect to speakers. No luck. I have even bought a new phone.

There isn't much point in having the "download" feature if you have to redownload your whole library every week. Fix this problem please, I love just about everything else about this app.

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I too as a Premium user no longer have a Storage under "Other" Settings. I have version, have cleared cache and saved data, uninstalled and reinstalled, restarted my phone, confirmed I can browse the SD card files, and both device and SD card have at least a few gigs free each. Please advise.

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