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Spotify App Doesn't Work on Android 5.0.1 - WTF?!

Spotify App Doesn't Work on Android 5.0.1 - WTF?!

Hi all,


Updated my operating system on Samsung Galaxy S4 last week, and spotify completely stopped working. Super lame as I'm paying for this app!


Have tried to reinstall as per here:


But cannot perform this step -- it won't let me delete this folder:

  1. Using a file explorer app on your device, or your computer with your device connected over USB:
    Look for a folder called Android/data/
    It's usually located in \Phone\Android\data\ (or in the folder you chose on your SD card when you started Spotify the first time)
    Delete the Android/data/ folder(s)

Help please!



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Reinstall the 2.8.xx version of Spotify, there was something in the new updates that messed up connection.

None of these suggestions or fixes work. AT ALL. You cannot delete anything from the SD card pertaining to Spotify and even if you do get it deleted from a windows machine, all the files you delete just come back. This is a joke. I cant install the app on the phone storage and store the offline files for use on my SD card anymore?

we have to look at is if you have in your internal memory capacity? if so, with the latest update it works perfectly.

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