Spotify App No Longer Recognizes SD Card


Spotify App No Longer Recognizes SD Card


My Question or Issue

 With the recent updates my Spotify app hasn't been working well. It kept playing the music after I closed the app. Sometimes it took ages to chage songs. It would even pause itself.


I decided to uninstall the app and reinstall it.

After I did that Spotify has failed to recognize my SD card.


My phone has NO issue seeing my SD card. In fact my SD card is my defualt storage loaction.

My SD card has 31GB of empty space left because I (while trying to fix this issue took everything but my photos off my phone). Before that I had about 20GB of space left on my SD card.


I have uninstalled the app more than once and it no longer lets me click on storage to choose my SD card to store the music on.


I only have 11GB of space left on my phone and don't want to use that to store the spotify music data.


Did an update change this option? If not how can I fix this issue.












Honor 7X 

Operating System

Android 8.0