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Spotify App for Android TV doesn't work

Spotify App for Android TV doesn't work






Philips Full HD Android TV

Operating System

Android TV


My Question or Issue

The Spotify app for Android TV is not working. Songs play for 8 seconds without sound and then skip to the next song, again without sound. Other apps on the TV work fine. I cleared the cache, uninstalled the app, reinstalled it, and rebooted the TV, but nothing worked.

Top Answer

Hi there folks,


Thank you for all your replies. We're continuing our investigating on this matter. For all of you who have this issue on NON-Samsung TVs, please provide us:


  • When did this last happen? Please include the exact timestamp including your time zone.
  • The exact makes, models and OS/Firmware versions of all your affected devices
  • The exact Spotify Versions you use.

We'll then forward this to the relevant teams to aid in the investigation.


Keep us posted.

131 Replies

Same issue here with Google TV. Did all the same things no good. Nothing makes me want to move to Apple Music more.

Hi. I started experiencing this problem 5 days ago, both my Apple TV device (HD) and my Samsung QE55 TV. Music on the app "plays" but no sound and it skips and logs in/refreshes after 7-9 seconds.

BUT podcasts play!!! No issue. Weird!

I have unplugged and reset router/modem. Unplugged and reset TV. Logged out and uninstalled the app on the TV and Apple TV but nothing has worked. Connected via LAN and back to Wifi. I have called my Internet Service Provider , my connection is stable/strong and I have no issues streaming Netflix, Youtube etc. It is ONLY Spotify at present on these devices. Not my phone or tablet.

I have attached examples but very hard to do accurately due to v restricted file size.

Please assist. It has been impossible to resolve from my side.


Example 1 music.gif

Same issue for me too, for the last few months.


I've got a Samsung 50" The Frame QLED 4K Smart TV [2022]. I connect to the internet using a hotspot from my phone (4G connection, with a strong signal / high speed). Have all the latest firmware and Spotify updates. Have tried reinstalling Spotify to no avail.


Look forward to a solution - this has been an issue for a while now.

Hey folks,


Thanks for all your replies and for the info shared.


Keep in mind that, in order for the right team to continue investigating this behavior, we'll need all the details we've asked for here. So, if you’re experiencing this issue, make sure to send us all the info mentioned.


We'll be on the lookout!

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Same issue for me


TV is Sony 55" kdl 55w808c
kdl 55w808c

Exact OS version:
AndroidTV 7.0

Exact version of Spotify (include the version number):

Date of most recent reinstall:
Country: Belarus
Plan type: Standart

Hey guys!
"Happy" to have discovered this forum cause' I'm having the same exact problem since last week.
TV model --> Samsung QN85BA 75
Spotify Plan --> Premium Individual
I just got out of a chat with one of Spotify's support agent and we did 50 different tests (that I've already did several times before getting in touch) and no resolution after 2 hours chat..
He just forwarded me to this channel in case my problem was similar and indeed it is!

But just said to me "yeah we're aware of this and we're looking into it - as soon as we have a solution we'll update you guys, bye".

Ok, cool... but I'm seeing this is ongoing since THREE months...

Can someone from Spotify update us on this?

I really want to be using my TV App again...

At least a position on this?!

After all this time there is one solution I read somewhere that only works until you turn your tv off..reset your wifi network from your tv settings..if you turn the rooter off it won't make a difference, you have to reset it. it will work just fine..but you will have to do it every time the tv goes off...hey at least that's better than nothing at all.

It's happening to me too. Since end of October. Same issue with songs, BUT podcasts play fine. V weird.

I have updated TV, logged out, turned off router/modem, delated and reinstalled Spotify app. Cleared cache, Spoke to my internet provider. All to no avail. 

Never had any this issue till now.

I tried this but still have problem. 

“it is playing songs, but no sound comes out. After 10 seconds, it skips to the next song, it looks like it's playing songs, but no sound comes out again.”


i will appreciate any help 


thank you

Same issue here, frustrating as I used this app a lot. Uninstalled and reinstalled to no success, judging from recent reviews of the Spotify app on the Play store it looks like many others are having this problem too.


Sony 49" TV

Exact OS version:
Just says "Version 9"

Exact version of Spotify (include the version number):
Version 2023.10.23_5-49bc422 E release-v2.260-4-g7aadfb2-mlvhz HEAD-v3.202.356-gb9be1e6c 1.76.1
Date of most recent reinstall: 13 November 2023
Country: United Kingdom
Plan type: Premium Individual

Same problem. Hard reset and uninstall / reinstall will fix it, but only temporarily. The next time I try to use the app, the problem is back. Spotify customer service seems to have zero answers.

I mostly use the desktop app, but today I followed instructions and paired Spotify with my Sony Android TV. I navigated to a playlist and started to play tracks and noticed that the audio was stopping after about a minute. The green bars are still moving, so the song is still playing but no volume. Nothing seems to bring it back. If I skip to the next song, it will work again for about a minute, and then the volume disappears again. Any ideas?


I am using Free in USA, desktop is W10, TV is Sony.




Is there any solution for this?

i have tried all the solutions shared on this thread but nothing resolved the issue. The error I’m getting is exactly the same on how it was described on this thread   







Samsung Smart TV


My Question or Issue

Whenever I try to use the Spotify app on my Samsung TV, the songs I play won't have sound, and as soon as they start, they go on to the next and the next one, and so on, not being able to listen to any of them.

I tried deleting and re-installing the Spotify app and also talked to Samsung, who helped me reset the TV to factory settings, but no matter what, there is no way to get the Spotify app going correctly.

Samsung advice me that everyone having this issue (which they mentioned ir a common one now a days among Samsungs users) to reach out to Spotify for them to release a new update on the Spotify app and solve this issue.


Hi there @forjbh@Pcdavid022@Trinidadparis and everyone else,


Thanks for your replies. In order to continue investigating this, we'll need the info requested by @Vasil here. Here it is again:


e.g. TV is Samsung 75" AU8000 Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV
e.g. UA75AU8000WXXY

Exact OS version:
e.g. Tizen - also make sure it's up to date

Exact version of Spotify (include the version number):
e.g. 2.1.49

Date of most recent reinstall:
Plan type:


With this, we'll be happy to investigate further.

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I've just started having this same issue with my Samsung The Frame 65 TV, which used to work, as recently as a few weeks ago. I haven't changed anything, but it feels like the app has big compatibility issues. Once I start playing a song, there's no audio, and after 10 seconds it will jump to the next song, and the next , still with no audio, and once I do this, then going anywhere else in the app becomes impossible, as it will revert back to the song page every 10 seconds. If I quit the app, then I can .e.g. get to the options page and change things. All I can see is that it's a newer spotify version dated november 2023.

Still no solution or hint of one after 3 hours trying to talk to their support online. I was passed to 5 different people.

I still have this error. 
even i tried all the solutions from this thread. 
I even used a different account:(

I’m using an android stick for tv. I’m Onn 4k Google TV. 

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