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Spotify Connect - Random user always shows up!

Spotify Connect - Random user always shows up!



For the past 4/5 months now I have this random user connect to my Spotify (I am logging in through Facebook).

I haven't given my account out to anyone and do not know who on earth Cecil is.


I am currently connected via mobile data but have also had this problem (With the same person) connecting via WiFi.


Please help me get rid of them as they constantly play their music through my phone (And, strangely, it's always the same German song!)


Any help I can give I will.


Screenshot attached - All except 'Celils iPhone' is me and expected.


Thank you,


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It sounds like someone may have hacked into your account. This happened to me  recently 😞


If you get in touch with the support staff, they will help you get this sorted pretty quickly. If you receive an automated email response, fire a reply back restating the issue and your case will be popped into the queue. My case was fixed within 24 hours so good luck. Oh, if you use your email address and the same password for spotify and other sites, this can be the result of one of the other sites getting hacked and your login details being published for all to see so make sure to use unique passwords everywhere.

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