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Spotify Connect and Playlist sorting

Spotify Connect and Playlist sorting

Does Spotify Connect support Playlist sorting? I use Bose Soundtouch loudspeakers. When I choose them to play on from Spotify Android app songs play in Custom order despite the sorting set in Spotify app.

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I think it should play in the order of your playlist. Stupid quetsion, but I guess shuffle isn't turned on by accident?

Sorry, do you understand "Spotifify Connect" mode when playlist is playing not on the host device but the stream from Spotify app is transfering to other device (loudspeaker) connected to home wifi network? Have you tried it?

Absoultely, Spotify connect is a Wi-Fi service which essentially streams audio from a source device to others such as Chromecast, PS3/4, Kindle Fire, as well as allowing other audio sources to take control of any others in the network. I've been using it for well over a year! 🙂


I just start  a playlist from the host device and it plays it exactly in the order it should, unless I set it to shuffle, which is what I was suggesting your issue may be!



Maybe Bose Soundtouch system doesn't support playlist sorting. When I sort playlist on my phone or tablet i.e. "Recently added" and touch a song my loudspeaker starts song different from touched and shown on the phone and keeps shuffle (Custom) order. It seems Spotify app on PC transfers order correctly.

That's SO random!!! Do you have any other device you can test it on, an Android/iPhone/PC, or anything? I think it may be an issue with the Bose. Have you tried reaching out to Bose on their forums?

I've tried Spotify desktop app on PC. It was correct as I wrote. But when I am switching another targets from phone or tablet different song starts playing. Even Spotify apps on PC and phone show different "playing now" songs with different time progress.
I have wrote to Bose community and I am still waiting for response. Bose has just integrated Spotify to his Soundtouch app. Maybe it was a cause.

Agreed. I would wait to see what Bose say, to me it sounds like they may have implemented the Spotify API's incorrectly. 


No doubt a firmware update to your device from Bose will fix it. 

Sorry we can't help on this end!

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