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Spotify Connect and Yamaha RX-V485

Spotify Connect and Yamaha RX-V485


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Samsung Galaxy S7, Yamaha RX-V485

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 My RX-V485 is not showing up on my Android phone.  This use to work fine, now it does not.


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is your phone connected to any other devices? does youtube play on your headphones or is it just spotify thats not working?


a good rule of thumb with bluetooth devices is to erase all your bluetooth history (all previously connected devices) and start from new!


Clearing Spotifys cache, updating the app or reinstalling the app can also generally help!

I don't think this is a Bluetooth issue.  I can easily connect to the receiver and any other Bluetooth speakers with my phone using Spotify.


My understanding is Spotify Connect is a Wifi feature because I have to switch the input on my receiver to "Spotify" and not "Bluetooth."  My receiver [exclusively works with Spotify Connect.

Same here...

Have a SX-600D. AV receiver disappeared from list last week. Tried changing DNS-Addr changes, reboots, firmware flash... nothing helped. 

I tried chatting with Spotify support and the agent said my receiver isn't supported.  It has Spotify in the manual lol.  What a joke.  I have not heard anything official about this problem.   

Great ....


I was told to delete the cache and reinstall the app....

I'll keep trying...

Welp, someone went in and fixed it, or didn't?  All is well over here..



Nope, nothing new.


Spotify support told me my receiver is unsupported,

Yamaha says it should work - (Install new firmware, reset / init all new)

but nothing works.

Odd indeed.. hopefully yours pops up and mine doesnt break again!

Great news. It is working now.

After a two-hour debug session I've finally found out.


The SpotifyClient contains a bug. It is found in the mDNS implementation.

The Receiver try to propagate his IP adress via mDNS,

but the client ignore a part of it. You'll have to add a DNS-entry on your Router / Gateway. 


Type: A; Name: <devicename>.local; IP: <ipofdevice>


Thats it.


*devicename is listed on the device webpage

Hello! please excuse me for my English in advance.

it is translated by google. I live in Switzerland and I have exactly the same problem. I’m on iPhone.
did you report the problem to spotify so that they can fix their bug?

Which device goes into the table, receiver or phone?



Hello, I did not understand the question with the table!

currently my phone and ipad go on the amplifier to transmit the music. It works 1 day, after having reset and the next day it bug again.

You'll have to add the reciver to the DNS Table.



Du musst deinen Router anpassen.

Jenachdem was du für ein Gerät hat, musst du den Reciver in deinem Router fest eintragen.

so on my router, I see the amplifier well. An automatic ip address has been created for the amplifier. Thanks

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