Spotify Connect **bleep**

Spotify Connect **bleep**


Everytime i'm listening to music in my car with the spotify app, it suddenly stops and says You are listening on Blade V580... **bleep** is Blade V580?


Then i have to choose, listen on this phone. Look at the attachment 

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Blade V580 could be the system your car is using. If I'm streaming to a wireless adapter for speakers, for me it would have the speakers name and ''Listen on this phone'' 


Pressing ''Listen on this phone'' will mean that the audio is being played through the phones speakers or whatever headphones you have connected. 

Nope... This also happens randomly when playing somewhere else... It just
connects to random peoples audio player


How are you connecting to your car?


Are you connecting through the app to the car, or using bluetooth to connect audio from the phone itself rather than through the app?

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