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Spotify Connect - doesn't see device

Spotify Connect - doesn't see device


I have a problem with my Denon AVR-X3100 receiver (or maybe with Spotify on Android app?). Let me explain this step by step...

- I have Macbook Pro, Samsung S7 Edge and already mentioned AVR,

- Denon is turned off, Spotify on Macbook and Samsung also,

- I start Spotify on S7 Edge and there are not any 'available devices' listed,

- I start Spotfiy on Macbook - on S7 Edge Macbook shows up, on Macbook shows up S7 Edge and Denon,

- I connect to the Denon (it turns on) from Macbook - then connection with Denon shows up on Samsung. Then everything works just fine.


Everything is upgraded to the newest version available and connected to the same Wi-Fi. This problem doesn't occur on my mother's Huawei P8, neither on my iPad Air 2. 

I tried reinstalling app on Samsung, disconnecting Denon from my network, clearing Spotify's app cache - didn't help at all.


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Are you connecting any other deviced to your AVR via bluetooth or Wi-Fi? That could make the difference whether or not Spotify is recognized. Even if all devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi, if your phone, comupter or AVR are priotizing a bluetooth connection (especially if it's to a separete device entirely, like you're iPad Air 2), it could cause the disconnect between the 3 until you use the proper order of operations (as you described) to "override" the prioritized connection.

I understand the X3100W has a very comprehensive set-up and maintenace program/app. Possibly you could find the connection settings and see if it's trying to persistantly connect to a device other than the 3 you are trying to sync.


Also, are you using the remote or the Denon app? If you're using the app, it may help to look into the app's access to your phone's usage. Possibly the app prioritizes a bluetooth connection over Wi-Fi, causing the same issue as suggested with the AVR.


Hopefully, any of that might help.

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