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Spotify Connect not available on Android

Spotify Connect not available on Android

Title might be a bit misleading, but I have no idea how name it better. 

Getting straight to the point, here is the situation:

- I have Macbook Pro, Samsung S7 Edge and amp Denon AVR-X3100.

- Denon is in standby mode (i.e. it is turned off), Spotify on Macbook is not running,

- I start Spotify on my Android device and there is not a single 'available device' listed,

- I start Spotify on Macbook and on S7 Macbook shows up

- On Macbook there are three available devices: Macbook itself, S7 Edge and Denon

- On S7 there is still only Macbook (and S7) listed

- On Macbook I connect to Denon - Denon turns on and starts playing music

- On Android Denon shows up and everything works fine from now on.


Problem is: why the **bleep** turned off Denon can be seen on Spotify on Macbook, but not on the Android version?

Everything is upgraded to the newest version, everything is connected to the same Wi-Fi.

This problem doesn't occur on my Ipad Air 2, neither on my mother's Huawei P8 (everything is still connected to the same Wi-Fi). I tried disconnecting my Samsung from Wi-Fi and reconnecting - didn't help.

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I know I already replied to your other post, but this gave me a slightly different perspective of your issue.


If your Denon is connected to your computer in any other way that it may be reading it [HDMI, a remembered Bluetooth ID (computer thinks it could connect even though it wouldn't be able to until the Denon is turned on), RCA, etc.] then it may be the reason your computer can see it at all, whereas the Denon needs to be turned on to send a wireless signal for Spotify to pick up on your phone and iPad and to recognize them as syned.


In short, maybe the Mac is a little too smart, and it just takes a little more work to make the other devices "catch up to speed."

I didn't connect Macbook or Ipad or Huawei to Denon via Bluetooth/HDMI/USB. I might have played music via AirPlay though - but it still doesn't explain the fact, that Huawei P8 recognizes Denon while Samsung does not (both devices are running Marshmallow).


Oh, by the way, I forgot to switch an account when I posted this thread, so from now on will answer from this 😛

...You're right. That is odd. If you select it as the device to use while it's off from one of the devices recognizing it, does it turn on and start playing your music, or does Spotify show you it's now coming from the AVR even though it's still off?

It does turn on, starts playing the music and then I can control it from Samsung (it is listed in available devices). Another funny thing that i just found out that Samsung's Quick Connect function ( recognizes Denon when it is turned off. And I can turn it on that way and play music from Samsung music app.


Another thing that i should have mentioned is the fact, that Samsung doesn't see Denon at all - even if it is turned on (only after connecting to AVR from Macbook s7 sees it)

Ok, problem solved 😄


It seems like Adguard causes the problem (Adblocker that filters whole data through local VPN + Firewall) and I have to add Spotify to exceptions. Once i turned off Adguard everything works just fine.


// God darn it, why did it change my account ;d


I am surprised tho, why can I see Macbook from Samsung, not Denon?

That is, indeed, and odd one. I'm glad you figured it out, though.

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