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Spotify Connect or Google Cast with Android TV stops playing randomly

Spotify Connect or Google Cast with Android TV stops playing randomly





United Kingdom



Moto G5 Plus or Moto G5 (Android 8.1) and Sony Bravia KD-49XE9005 (Android 7)

Operating System

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My Question or Issue

When using Spotify Connect or Google Cast to the TV. After a few songs the music will just stop and will have to be manually restarted.

This seems to have started happening since the last 2 updates. Before this it was fine?


Its usually when it gets to an advertisement which plays and then breaks.


Sometimes it just does it with no advert after a song or sometimes in the middle of a song!


Any ideas?




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Interestingly, been testing Spotify Connect with my PS4 Pro, works flawlessly, songs play continuously, adds work, including the clash......


Definitely an Android TV thing with Sony.

Ive noticed Sony Bravia Android TV used to be listed on the Spotify Gear site of supported TVs. Now on Spotify Everywhere which has replaced Gear only Samsung is listed. Does this mean Spotify has ended support for Android TV and that is the issue?


It is still listed actually..

Spotify twitter support have been trying to help me out, even getting me to try a test account. Same issue with the test account. Playback worked for 9 tracks, then stopped. Phone thought it was still working. TV stuck on last track. Only way to get playback working was to switch the device from Spotify Connect to Google Cast. Even then it usually takes a relog or change of account after one swap.

So. Interestingly Twitter Support got me to try using the TV app without the phone. Seemed to work past a couple of ads but then just became silent on one track and nothing would resume sound even though Spotify thought it was playing. Had to switch back to the phone to reconnect to the TV via Google Cast rather than Spotify Connect. *sigh*. Buggy mess.

Hey @stormyuk


Thanks for reaching out to us about this.


Just to let you know we've posted a reply concerning this issue in a separate thread to which you've also contributed.


If anyone else is experiencing this issue, make sure to head over to the relevant thread here



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