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Spotify Continuously Removes Offline Playlists

Spotify Continuously Removes Offline Playlists

This has been happening for the last 3 or 4 months (after years of Premium with no issues).  Ive tried all of the troubleshooting steps described in earlier posts (Removing app completely and reinstalling, removing approved offline devices, re-seating memory card, etc).  I have also recently (in the last week) disabled automatic updates.  When this happens,  the app automatically switches the setting from memory card storage to device storage.  I travel internationally and it seems to occur a lot while traveling (This happened to me this week.  A 13 hour flight and 12 hour train ride with no music really really sucked... especially since I pay for this service).  Has anyone else been experiencing this?  I prefer Spotify to the other "competitors" but will be switching services completely soon if I cant find a resolution.  

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