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Spotify Controller for Android


Spotify Controller for Android

Music Lover
‎2014-01-26 05:42 PM

I am a bit of a hif nut. I use a media pc connected to my hifi as my main audio source. I use foobar as playback software on the pc and it is controlled from my phone using foobarcon pro.

I would quite like to give spotify another try and was wondering if anyone could recommend an android spotify controller that would control the spotify program on my media pc.. I am looking for the ability to properly browse spotify from the phone rather than simply control playback. 

I couldn't be bothered with it if I had to remote access the pc to browse spotify. Any suggestions?

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Re: Spotify Controller for Android

Community Legend
‎2014-01-26 07:20 PM
This will be possible once Spotify Connect is added into the Desktop client (its currently only available on android and iOS). Spotify never give out release dates so we don't know when it will be made available though!

More details about Connect here:!/article/Spotify-Connect

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Re: Spotify Controller for Android

Music Lover
‎2014-01-26 11:15 PM

Thanks Peter. I'll be interested to see Spotify Connect when it comes out.


In the meantime I have found an android app called Spotimote that does most of what I want.