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Spotify Crashes On Android App when connecting to Server

Spotify Crashes On Android App when connecting to Server








I updated my Spotify App on Android Lollipop a few days ago. I got logged out of my account for some reason, and now, Spotify crashes whenever I log in either thru Facebook or through email. The app just crashes. No error messages, nothing. I've tried deleting the cache, reinstalling, or reverting to different Spotify app versions but nothing. I am not experiencing this on iOS, just on Android. I'm running it on Android Lollipop 5.0 on a Galaxy S5. Help anyone?

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Hi @user-removed and welcome to the community!


This seems to be quite strange to me and it's hard to give a solid way for the solution because you already did important things like, deleting data or reinstalling the app.

However I want you to click on this link and follow the points under 'Android' step by step...

If this won't work I will go on and escalate your problem!


Keep It Up!


Hi @ItIsJonasH . Thanks for the reply! I followed it step-by-step. Same thing. The app works fine during the log-in screen but when I log-in thru both email or Fb, the green circle that pops up while the app communicates with the Spotify servers appears, hangs after a few seconds, then the app crashes. If i try to reopen the app, it just goes back to a black screen then crashes to the home screen. It only goes back to normal when I delete the cache but logging in continues to be a problem. 

Ok @user-removed,

For me that sounds like it's an issue caused by your operating system...

Idk but would you mind to delete your phone, so that you can begin from scratch?

Maybe that's the only way to get it work again...


But I will now escalate it so maybe there's another good way! Be patienced


Keep It Up!


Hey @user-removed,


Welcome to the Community btw! Are you stil having issues with your Android? 


Do you have any updates available for your OS? If not and you're still struggling can you try reinstalling the app using this download link:


Let us know if you need us 🙂



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