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Spotify Does Not Play When Selecting a Song

Spotify Does Not Play When Selecting a Song

Using Samsung Galaxy S3 and latest firms for phone and app.

Tapping a song does not play it. - it only makes the "shuffle all" button wiggle - if it's there, anyway.

I have performed all the basic diagnostic procedures, including a clean re-installation.
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That's the exact problem I'm having, I've just purchased my S8 and switched to Spotify after having learnt about Pandora's departure in Aus and NZ ... so you can imagine my disappointment and frustration that Spotify's Android app doesn't do what it's meant to do.

You need a premium subscription to play a specific song. With "Free" you can only listen using the "Shuffle" button.


Spotify Free

Thanks for your reply, but if I'm being honest, that's just silly... On the desktop Application even though I have a free account at the moment, I can listen to my playlists and select specific songs until the cows come home, with ads in between obviously, which don't actually bother me..... but with Spotify's Android app the songs in my playlists (the same playlists I listen to perfectly on my desktop) don't play unless their shuffled? Forgive me but why in the world would you have two seperate algorithms setup for the one service, dependant on whether users are using the smart phone apps as opposed to the desktop application or the web player (which functions exactly like the desktop app)?


That is ridiculous and should be fixed ASAP

Spotify free was originally only available in the USA and on PCs in all other countries. I guess its up to Spotify to decide what they want to make available without subscription so, no matter how entitled you feel, I doubt this is going to change. Indeed, I read recently that new releases may soon be made available to paid users.


If their model doesn't suit, you are perfectly entitled to find an alternative which works better for you.

Ok look mate, whether I'm misreading your reply or not, there's simply not need for that.


I don't consider myself to be entitled at all, nor do I hold myself to a higher degree than anyone else, in truth I'm actually quite humble, I'm merely stating that it seems odd that Spotify on the Smart Phones, doesn't function in exactly the same manner as it does on the Desktop, without incentives and since the service has been around for the last eleven years, you'd think someone would have implemented the uniformity by now.


I'd also like to point out that at no time did I imply that Spotify's model didn't suit me, now you're just making assumptions... in truth I quite like the service, granted not every aspect of it but that aside it's a good service.

I'm not gonna lie, that seems remarkably money-grubbing. XD I wouldn't use the app if it weren't for the fact that the PS4 version is absolutely broken and nearly unusable. Oh well. Thanks for getting back to me.

Amen, I agree totally with you on that and I'm a fellow Spotify user... but it is what it is I suppose.... unfortunately!

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