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Spotify Liked Songs not syncing

Spotify Liked Songs not syncing






Galaxy S9, Laptop

Operating System

Android 9, Win10 x64 version 1903


My Question or Issue

It's been a while now that not all my platforms sync properly the list of liked songs.

All the devices are connected to the internet and I can switch between playing devices from each device. But the list itself doesn't update on all platforms.


I play a song from my liked song on my phone and switch the playback (from the menu on my phone) to the computer. Now my computer plays a song that shows like it's on my liked list (It is marked as liked in the playing queue) but it doesn't appear in the search filter in my liked songs.

It's like the computer's software knows it should be in my liked songs but the loop that updates the list didn't catch the change.

I've searched how to find Spotify logs in Google so I could post those here but found nothing.

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Forgot to mention. I already tried logging out of all my devices and back in (which took forever as I have 4 laptops, one PC and 1 phone.

Btw, some of those do sync, only not all. Even when connected to the same network. Obviously it's not a firewall problem because I can see what is currently playing on all devices, unless the communication of syncing the queue is using a different domain or different port than the syncing the liked list (but even then, when playing an unsynced song it does show as liked, it simply doesn't appear on the list).

Hey @gur111 ,


Thanks for bringing this to our attention!


Please follow the steps in this post in the exact same order as given there and let us know if there's any change.


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Hi, when my liked songs were not syncing from my desktop to my mobile, I unliked one song on my phone from 'liked songs' in my library, and then it synced. 

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