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Spotify PC can't find my Android Phone


Spotify PC can't find my Android Phone

Spotify can't find my Android Phone, it doesn't show up in the Devices list and I can't sync my local MP3 playlists to it.


Both the PC and Spotify are on the same network. Both Spotifys are logged in to the same account and can access the internet and play music. Online-Playlists are synced to the phone immediately and I can download online music no problem. I just can't sync my local MP3 playlists to the phone because it doesn't show up in the list of devices.


I have this issue both at my home computer and my office computer on another network. It's never worked on my home computer, but it worked on the office computer until a few weeks ago. I had a few weeks of sick leave and when I came back that computer couldn't find the phone anymore either.


I tried reinstalling the app on the phone and on both computers. Firewalls are not blocking traffic and antivir is not interfering. My Spotify account is premium of course.


I'd really like for this to work again!

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I know this thread is closed, but I found a possible solution when it comes to Windows 7 and 8 PCs. You need to make sure your network is "Private" and not "Public" and that network discovery is turned on. Otherwise, Spotify won't find your unit.

This worked!

same problems, but to solve it i made a playlist of local music and then made them available offline on both my laptop and phone, then you can put them into whatever playlist, just DONT delete the local playlist cuz youll have to do it all over again

You are a legend. I've been searching for a fix for days and this is the only thing that worked. THANK YOU

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