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Spotify Pauses Randomly When Listening Offline-Android

Spotify Pauses Randomly When Listening Offline-Android

Hello! I have a Family Subscription for Spotify. I work in a manufacturing plant that has no wifi or cell service for employees. I use 2 different phones (both Androids) at work. The one phone, which is a Moto G, I hook into the area speaker for everyone to listen to, and the other phone, a Samsung Note 10 Plus, that I listen to through personal headphone for podcasts and other things.  Both phone are offline and Bluetoothed into something. Both phones experience the music randomly stopping, sometimes after 1 song, sometimes after a few songs. When the music stops on either phone, I have to physically go over and push play on the player. Randomly, sometimes the music will pause multiple times on both players. Sometimes, after pushing play multiple times, it will play for hours eventually. I have updated the phones,  Uninstalled and reinstalled spotify on both phones, changed battery saver settings on both phones,  cleared cache,  re-download music, and made sure the airplane modes weren't on (even though I can play music through Bluetooth with other players on airplane mode to save battery life). Any help would be appreciated.

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