Spotify Randomly Stops playing


Spotify Randomly Stops playing

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Samsung S8+

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My Question or Issue

 Currently on Spotify, my music will just randomly stop playing. I dont know why. I do not know any fix for it either. This only happens when I am on my Android s8+,
nothing else.
When the music is playing, the timer bar continues to the end, and sits there, and will not display the next song. It will play the next song, but not display it.
Meaning, if Green Day's American **bleep** is playing, and the next song is Holiday, American **bleep** will finish, shows it finished, and then play Holiday, but it will stil visually show that it is American **bleep**.
Also, for the drop down/notifications swipe down for android, that display is also gone. Completely.

I am currently updated to the most recent software update for Android.
I have restarted my phone, but this only provides a small window of a temp fix.
I have the most updated Spotify.
I have uninstalled and re-intalled the app.

I have re-downloaded all my music.
I have cleared the cache.
I have logged out and into the device.
I am registered to two devices(one android, that the issue is on, one desktop), both of which would need password access.

This happens with both downloaded and streamed music. I cannot replicate the issue as it is random, it will happen anywhere between 1-6 times an hour, within anywhere between a 5-20min time frame.

I do not know a fix for this, and it is getting really frusterating as I use my spotify for about 10hours+ a day.