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Spotify Replacing Local Files w/ Spotify Version & Unsyncing Devices?

Spotify Replacing Local Files w/ Spotify Version & Unsyncing Devices?

I just started having this problem. I have been trying to put a song from my local files into one of my playlists, but Spotify continually puts in their version of the song - that's not what I want. I already selected ALL of my local files and right-click -> 'unlink'. And then all of a sudden it unsynced my phone and tablet so I have to re-download my music again on both devices. Now there are some songs without the greyed-out download arrow next to them when I am trying to re-sync / re-download my playlist. I'm on the same wi-fi network as my PC, so I don't understand why I am encountering this issue. I have tried uninstalling Spotify from all of my devices and restarting, but this problem continues to persist. Also, the sync / download is freezing at 1 song out of 400...


I keep getting told that my spotify account is being used somewhere else, even after I clicked SIGN OUT OF EVERYWHERE on the webpage... Is this a bug or something? I am only using Spotify on my PC, phone (android), tablet (also android), and TV (samsung smart TV, but I do not download music onto it - streaming only).


This is getting incredibly frustrating, so if anyone has solutions I gladly appreciate them.

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Spotify checks the track title and will search for a match. If found it will use the version on the server. To use your own then you'll need to change the track title ID3 tag to be something unique so that it doesn't get found on the server.

Please use the search feature before posting a problem/bug/idea.
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That doesn't solve my issues. My issue is that when I open Spotify on my phone it randomly decides to unsync itself. I just opened Spotify on my phone and it decided to unsync all of my music. AGAIN. And not only that, when I try to re-download / re-sync my music to my phone the download stays at 1 out of 440 and doesn't download. I have made the playlist "Available Offline" and this is the ONLY device I have set to "Available Offline". It's also not downloading my local files. The local files I put on my playlist are not showing the grey/green download arrow next to them, but are instead just greyed out. My phone and PC are on the same wi-fi network.

Sometimes I must download my offline playlist every time when I start Spotify. Very annoying.

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