Spotify Running Playlists Not Showing

Spotify Running Playlists Not Showing


When I select Running from the Browse menu there are no playlists, only the section headings "Featured" and "Running Originals" with blank space in between (see screenshot). Tapping anywhere has no result. I have already tried restarting the phone, reinstalling the app, and clearing the app data. 


I have a premium subscription.

Running on a Samsung Galaxy S7, Android 6.0.1, Spotify App

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I have exactly the same set-up (S7 edge though) and the page loads fine for me. Do you get the same over mobile data? Do other sections, such as Workout load correctly?


I'm having the same exact issue. The Workout section displays just fine, but Running looks exactly like the screen posted above.


I don't know why but know, a couple of hours later, the Running playlists screen loads just fine. Strange.

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Env: prod